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We have completed refurbishing our premises in Convent Road to optimise the space and make it more flexible and family friendly. In addition we are also looking at opportunities to expand the premises so that we can create specialised spaces for activities.

Phase 1 - Complete

  • Tables & chairs removed from main room and replaced with soft furnishings

  • Storeroom for equipment set up

  • Dedicated office set up

  • Shared computers moved off main floor to wall counter and area decluttered

Phase 2 - Complete

  • Tidy up courtyard area

  • Internal and external painting and decorating

  • Set up Sensory Area

  • Purchase and install additional equipment and furniture

  • View adjoining property and evaluate suitability to take on additional rental to serve as space for specialised activities. Update: Adjoining property reviewed and deemed not to be suitable for our needs

  • Bring premises "up to code" for fire and security systems


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