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Community Employment

We now have secured regular core hours so that our Centre is open to our members and the public on a regular basis through a Community Employment Scheme.

We have selected the right candidate and they are currently settling in. The ultimate aim to provide our members with additional support and more access to our Centre. We also hope to help our new team member learn new skills.

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Adult Support

We are currently setting up a social group called 'The Weekenders' for over 18's that will meet on a monthly basis.

The Weekenders Social Group




Our new group library is now up and running! We have a variety of books available to borrow, free of charge, from autism specific books for adults to children's learning, story and activity books. 

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Premises Refurb

We have completed the refurbishment of our premises in Convent Road to optimise the space and make it more flexible and family friendly.

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Advocacy & Support Framework

This is an initiative to redefine the supports we provide now, how we operate and what we aspire to provide in the future to our members and the community.

We believe this will help bring clarity around what's on offer and would be necessary for the continued improvement of our group.

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